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Advanced Aerial Flow #2
Advanced Aerial Flow #3
Aerial Flow Advanced 1
Aerial Invert
Aerial Shoulder Mount
Aerial Straddle Invert
Baby Russian Split
Baby’s First Handspring
Back Bending Sequence #1
Back Crucifix
Bad Ass Boss Bitchin AJL Flares
Ball Drop
Ballerina & Capezio Split
Basic Climb and Pole Standing
Basic Invert From Floor
Basic Shoulder Roll
Beginner Combo #1
Beginner Combo #2
Beginner Spins #1
Beginner Spins Pack #2
Body Switches
Brass Monkey #1
Brass Monkey Split
Bunny Split
Butterfly & Jamilla Flips
Caterpillar Press
Chopper Flares
Climbs #2 (Forearm, Ankle, Showgirl)
Coil Spin Punch Front
Cool Down Stretch Sequence
Cupid (All Ways)
Dance Pop #1
Dance Pop with Miss Filly | Two | You and the Summer, Katrina Stone
Devil’s Elbow
Elbow Spin Variations
Extended Butterfly & Wedge
Fan Kick (Baseball Grip & Split Grip)
Front Split Stretch Sequence
Grips of Pole Dance #1 (Baseball, Forearm, Classic, Split)
Hello Boys & Variations
Hip Flexor Stretch Sequence
Hip Spin
Hood Ornament
Inside Leg Hang and Flatline
Intermediate Spin Combo #1
Intermediate Static Combo #2
Intermediate Static Combo 1
Invert Conditioning (on and off the pole)
Jade Split
Layout and Variations
Leg Switches Part One
Lisa’s Russian Exotic Flow #1
Lisa’s Russian Exotic Flow | Flood by Davis Absolute
Lyrical with Carlie Hunter #1 | Part 1
Lyrical with Carlie Hunter #1 | Part 2
Lyrical with Carlie Hunter #1 | Part 3
Mega Allegra
Middle Split and Pancake Stretch Sequence
Not Titanic Titanic Variation
Outside Leg Hang
Outside Leg Hang Variations | Basket & Caramel Swirl
Outside Leg Split & Super Cupid
Pirouette and Variations
Pole Sit
Reiko Split and Reiko Mount
Reverse Grab/Coil
Shoulder Mount
Shoulder Mount Conditioning
Shoulder Mount Roll Over
Shoulder Opening Sequence #1
Sneaky V
Split Grip Ayesha
Static Aerial Flares #1
Straddle Hold
Straddle Invert
Straddle Invert Conditioning

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