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Our mission at PoleSphere is to help pole dancers achieve their goals, enjoy their pole journey and discover a truly progressive online learning experience! Beyond our tutorial library and members lounge, we love to offer workshops and events to the pole public, as well! Be sure to save yourself a spot if you like what you see...

Upcoming Workshops

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Phoenix Foundations with Tammy

The Phoenix is a spectacular move that sits high up on the ‘lust have’ list for many polers. But what elements do you need to master it? Join Tammy as she takes you through conditioning, positioning and sequencing drills to make your Phoenix fly!

Attempting Phoenix in this workshop requires a confident Ragdoll, Hunter Press and Split Grip Handspring, however all are welcome to attend and learn a roadmap to their future Phoenix. You will be sent the recording to keep the day after the workshop runs.

Book A Spot $19.95 (AUD)

Shoulder Mount Secrets with Suzie Q

In this 1-hour session Suzie will guide you through a series of key concepts and drills to help you achieve, or improve, your Shoulder Mount. You’ll explore shoulder activations and exercises on the floor and the pole, the role of compression in inverting and how to achieve it on the floor and the pole, rotation and activation drills, as well as active and passive exercises for straddle flexibility. This workshop is perfect for anyone working on their Shoulder Mount or Aerial Shoulder Mount, and options can be given for people who are yet unable to invert.

Book A Spot $19.95 (AUD)

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