PoleSphere Diamante Rewards

By PoleSphere Team

Posted: Sat 2 Nov, 2019

PoleSphere Diamante Rewards

Say hello to Diamantes! The PoleSphere points system that lets you grab cool prizes for simply doing the tutorials and quizzes you love! 

So, you may have already seen us talk about Diamantes, and perhaps you’ve noticed the Diamante count in Your Sphere growing as you watch videos and complete quizzes. But what the hell does it all mean? 

Well, each time you watch a video or successfully complete a quiz, you earn Diamante points. Your points have been accumulating since we launched in November 2018, and now you can cash them in at the DIAMANTE EMPORIUM!




Inside the Emporium (find it by clicking on the hamburger menu top right of the PoleSphere main page, and also from inside Your Sphere) you will find a range of awesome prizes you can redeem with your Diamantes. They currently include PoleSphere merchandise, pole dance magazines and signed pics of the teachers, with more to come.  



It’s up to you whether you trade your Diamantes in for the smaller prizes or save them up for the big ticket items. The Diamante Emporium will be constantly changing, so if you want a prize don’t hesitate to claim it because it won’t be there forever!


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By PoleSphere Team

PoleSphere was created by a team of entrepreneurial pole dancers, including the founders of the industry's longest running print mag, an internationally-renowned pole champion and a few talented designers and developers. Our vision is to provide a truly progressive online learning platform, that can support not only students and instructors but studio owners too and the industry as a whole, too. We are dedicated to your success!

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