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Achieving your Pole Goals Using Long-Term and Short-Term Goal Setting

Pole dancing is a captivating and physically demanding art form that requires dedication, perseverance, and a well-structured training plan. Setting goals for your training is crucial for tracking progress and staying motivated. By combining both long-term and short-term goal setting strategies, as well as implementing tips to stay on track, you can design an effective…


My Head Is Spinning – The Ins & Outs Of Spin Sickness

In the early days of pole dancing, it was rare to find a spinning pole. Certain locations such as Sydney, Australia, were early pioneers of the apparatus, but if you travelled south of the border to Melbourne, classes on spin were hard to find. These days the situation is more commonly reversed – studios often…


5 Ways Flexibility Can Improve Your Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is for those of us who love progress. The ones who love the journey of setting goals, smashing them, reassessing and then setting the bar even higher. In the pole world, there is never a clear “end” or final goal. Rather, pole dancing is like a babushka doll, where there are always more…


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Essential Intermediate Pole Tricks & Why You Should Revisit Them

When you take your first few beginner pole classes, it’s a bit like entering a magical secret universe. You’re in awe of the amazing pole tricks, spins and strength that your pole instructor demonstrates, and you instantly fall in love with the vibe, the atmosphere, and the sheer FUN of it all. Not to mention…

How to nail your shoulder mount!

Shoulder mounts are on almost every pole dancer’s goal list. And it’s no wonder – they look strong and impressive and are a fantastic way to enter and exit the pole or transition in pole dancing combos. Shoulder mounts are a unique beast in the world of pole. They require a movement that you probably…

Pole training when you CBF – 6 ways to get motivated

Practicing pole dancing can be like making a New Year’s resolution. You buy a new pole for home with “new fitness pole, new fit me” thoughts, deck out your home pole space so that it could rival any pole dancing studio, and light a candle to manifest an aerial straddle sometime in the near future….

5 Ways to Improve Your Straddle Invert

When you kickstart your pole dancing journey you learn so many cool new spins and poses on the pole. You learn how to climb the pole like an adventurer scaling Mt Everest, but rather than stake your achievement with a tattered flag, you reward yourself with a new pair of heels – of course. You…

Creating your PoleSphere: Must-haves for pole dancing at home

Remember when you were a little kid and you would spend the entire day rearranging and reorganising your room? Once this very important mission was accomplished, you’d announce it to the whole family and give them a walking tour of your new-and-improved space, complete with commentary and well- timed pauses for the oohs and ahhs…

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